Tips for house-training your puppy

You may expect the process of house training your puppy to be frustrating and time-consuming. However, your puppy is keen to please you and it simply takes patience and care to help him understand how he can do this.

Most importantly, remember that punishing your puppy for an accident, particularly after the event, will not help him understand what not to do. It will simply teach your puppy to be afraid of you, which will be very hard to undo. If you catch your puppy about to do his business in the wrong place, firmly say ‘no’ while taking him outside. Always praise him when he gets it right.

To successfully house train your puppy, start by establishing a routine. Try to get up at the same time every day and take him outside as the first thing you do. Also, feed him punctually with a trip to the garden directly afterwards. Take him to the same place every time and the smells will encourage him to return to this spot to defecate in the future.

If you are out during the day, keep your puppy in a space with a non-absorbent surface on the floor and training mats at one end. Dogs prefer to urinate on absorbent surfaces, so will be encouraged to use the mats rather than go on the floor.

Puppy training takes time – sometimes up to several months – but if you are consistent and kind, it should not be difficult. Remember to be extra patient with young puppies as they do not gain full control of their bowels or bladders until around 12 weeks old.