Tips for jogging with your dog

If you are an adult who likes to keep fit, or maybe just wants to get fit, you may decide that your dog would be an ideal jogging companion.

It is important to take into consideration the age of your dog. If you have a young dog, you might find jogging will increase his or her activity levels whereas an older dog may not have enough energy to jog and the impact on his limbs may cause him an injury so you might like to ask the advice of your local vet.

To start, drive or walk your dog to the park so you can jog in a safe place.

When you are in the park take off the lead and command your dog to ‘sit’. Offer a small treat and give him praise.

Start your ‘dog-jog’ at a slow pace. Give him praise or use a sound of a clicker every ten of fifteen metres so he realises he is doing well.

You will need to slow down and then step up your pace to give your dog a bit of variety – and it’s good for you too!

Do short jog-stops to let your dog enjoy the smells of the park and relieve himself.

If you do decide you are both ready to jog by the roadside, then do not let your dog off the lead while you are near the road.  No matter how well trained your dog is, he may become spooked by passers by, cyclists or other such interruptions.