Tips on caring for your puppy

When considering buying a dog, choosing the correct puppy is the first thing you have to consider. If you have a breed in mind, you have to decide if the breed will fit into your way of life.

There is a rumour that a dog is less trouble than a bitch. This is not necessarily true as a bitch comes into season for three weeks, twice a year. At this time the bitch must be kept indoors as any roaming dogs will be happy to start a new family with her, whether you want them to or not.

How will you match up to looking after a puppy, and will you have the time required for training and walking this new bundle of energy?

Some tips on choosing and caring for your puppy:

Large dogs require a lot of space and need a long walk every morning and night, including the times when the weather is bad.

Small dogs can be effective as a guard as they will bark to let you know a stranger is around.

Training the correct way is important and is also a way of you both interacting. Enrol at dog classes with trained instructors. This can be fun for both of you.

Do not buy a puppy for a toddler as they are not a toy and a puppy will require a lot of attention.

Toddlers do not realise a puppy is not a toy and can be unintentionally cruel.

At holiday time choose a friend to have your puppy or take into account the cost of placing the puppy in kennels while you are away.

Consider the veterinary bills and dog insurance bills which can add up over the months.

When the puppy has grown up, the veterinary bills may increase due to old age.