Tips on walking a dog

You might not think of walking a dog as a skill since it should be as straighforward as putting one foot in front of another. Dogs make great walking companions, are nearly always enthusiastic to go out for a walk and can even nag you to exercise by presenting their lead in front of you when they are ready to go out!

However, there are some tips that you can bear in mind if you want to experience an enjoyable walk.

Your dog should be on a leash to ensure that you do not run into any problems. If your dog pulls, you may find that you want to put them in a harness rather than a collar or you may want to put them on a retractable lead if you feel that you want to allow them a little more freedom to explore, depending on where you are taking the dog for a walk.

You should be in control, walking your dog rather than allowing your dog to walk you. Too often, you will see an owner being dragged by a strong pet down the street which is surely not a relaxing experience. Some dogs will try to be the leader of the pack and you should show a dog that you are the leader. One of the skills you should learn is to get your dog to understand when to heel so that you are both safe on the roads and in the presence of other dogs and their owners.