Top 10 Richest Pets

Only the other day, we published information from pet insurance company More Than about Britain’s perfect pet and how Tesco Pet Insurance claimed Rooney was the most popular pet name.  Now, PetPlan has joined the foray with its ‘richest pets’ list printed in the Sun this week.

Here, we give the low down on the top 7 richest pets in the world:

1 – Gunther VI the Alsation: £224.6 million

At Number 1, we are pleased to see an Alsation dog called Gunther IV take the title of not only the richest dog in the world but the richest pet in the world.  Gunther is reportedly worth £224 million. Gunther did not inherit this directly; the fortune came from his dad’s rich owner.  He actually owns a mansion in Miami that used to belong to Madonna and a Bahamas villa with his own butler.  No Pedigree Chum for this dog – he eats steak and caviar every day apparently.

2 – Kalu – Chimpanzee: £53 million

With much less than Gunther IV, Kalu lives in Cape Town and inherited his fortune from his owner, the famous swimmer Frank O’Neill.

3 – Toby the dog: £30 million

Toby Rimes, to give him his full name, inherited his fortune from a long line of pampered pooches all with the name Toby.  This line originally inherited their fortune from Ella Wendel, who left her poodle Toby £15 million back in 1931.  I guess the Tobies invested wisely!

4 – Oprah Winfrey’s dogs: still to inherit a rumoured £30 million

The US queen of chat, Oprah Winfrey, is a well known dog lover.  Her dogs will be left £30 million.

5 – Keiko – whale: £22.6 million

Keiko is best known as the Killer Whale from the Free Willy films and he made his own fortune with £22 million from the films.  The film bosses reportedly spotted him at a theme park back in 1992.  Imagine that job title, I’m a pet talent-spotter!

6 – Gigoo – Hen: £10 million

Publishing millionaire Miles Blackwell left his hen £10 million after his wife passed away in 2000.

7 – Blackie – Cat: £9 million

This makes Blackie officially the richest cat in the world, having inherited his millions from his owner Ben Rea.
8 – Trouble the Maltese: £7.2 million

Rich billionaire Leona Hemsley tried to leave her beloved Maltese Trouble $12 million in her will but her family went to court to stop it.  They succeeded in getting the figure reduced but he still lives in luxury in New York with his millions.

9 – Flossie the Labrador retriever: £3.6 million

Flossie is owned by actress Drew Barrymore and, following a heroic act in which Flossie saved her owner’s life when their house was on fire Ms Barrymore has pledged to leave the house to the dog in the will.  (Hope they restored it after the fire then..)

10 – Frankie the dog and two cats, Pepe le Pew and Ani: £3 million apiece

One neighbour, Lenise Patrick, was very lucky when she found herself nominated as the carer for her mystery benefactor’s dog and two cats that were left £9 million between them.  They live in San Diego in a mansion and Lenise lives next door.

It seems we are a world of pet lovers.