So far in our week-long look at famous dog owners, we’ve cast a beady eye on Premiership football players and actors, but today we address this gender imbalance by looking at famous actresses who own a pooch.

As I surmised in yesterday’s article, the top of the acting profession is a cold, lonely place that fosters suspicion, mistrust, paranoia and a host of medium-grade mental illnesses. This is even more so for actresses, as they are judged more harshly on their looks than their male counterparts. Although there has always been a steady stream of young, good looking actors, it seems that it’s only the women who have to look over their shoulder and keep a wary eye on the next bright young thing foisted upon moviegoers.

Even though both actors and actresses resort to plastic surgery to keep ahead of the competition in the looks department, it seems that less fuss is made about the guys. It would be interesting to total up the column inches devoted to Nicole Kidman’s alleged Botox treatment compared to Michael Douglas’ alleged face lift.

It’s no wonder that many actresses spend vast wads of cash indulging their four legged friends. After all, that shivering, bug-eyed Chihuahua you carry about with you everywhere in your Gucci handbag won’t leave you for a younger owner if you develop crow’s feet or suggest that you need a boob job if you want to score your next big film role. Here are Dream Dogs’ top five dog owning actresses:

Flossie and Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore

Latest in the line of the Barrymore acting dynasty – she’s the grand-daughter of John Barrymore, arguably the most acclaimed actor of his generation – Drew Barrymore rescued her Labrador/Chow cross Flossie from a flea market in Pasadena in 1996. Drew has said that she owes her life to Flossie – during a fateful night in 2001, Barrymore’s Beverly Hills mansion went up in flames, and the pooch barked wildly and thumped on her bedroom door until she woke and was able to escape. The story didn’t quite have a happy ending; Barrymore’s then boyfriend, comedian Tom Green, also managed to escape unharmed. What’s that? Of course I’m joking.

Jen-and-NormanJennifer Aniston

The Friends actress (who gets a pass in my book for her role in cult classic Office Space) is the proud owner of Norman, a Welsh corgi/terrier cross. Norman became one of the most photographed dogs in the world when Aniston split from actor Brad Pitt in summer of 2005, and has even posed with her on magazine cover shoots.

Britney Spears

The insane, shaven-headed ex-Mousketeer, who had a starring role in 2001’s critically panned Crossroads, owns three Chihuahuas – Bit Bit, Lacy Lu and Lucky, and spoils them rotten. Spears likes to dress Bit Bit, writing on her website:

“My dogs are getting so spoiled! They have the most adorable outfits! PJs, dresses, coats, boots, summer jerseys, a princess bed, and all types of the cutest accessories! Look how cute little Bit Bit is in her faux mink coat!!!”

Sigourney Weaver and her Italian GreyhoundSigourney Weaver

The actress, who most recently starred in sci-fi epic Avatar, owns an Italian Greyhound named Petals. Deciding to breed her beloved pet, Weaver staged a ‘wedding’ with Jimmy, a neighbour’s greyhound. Petals wore a faux Vera Wang gown with pearls (no, seriously), and soon after gave birth to a litter of pups, one of whom named Bacci lives with the actress.

If your Italian Greyhound is starting to look like Miss Haversham from Great Expectations because you can’t find an appropriate suitor, you’re best checking out a stud dog directory.

Paris Hilton

Sorry, we couldn’t write a list of actresses who own dogs without mentioning everyone’s favourite victim of that ‘leaked’ video tape scandal.

The socialite, heiress and star of 2005’s House of Wax, has possibly the most spoiled dog in Hollywood. Tinkerbell, her Chihuahua, can usually be seen peeking nervously from her handbag, but made headlines around the world in 2004 when she reportedly went missing. Hilton offered a $5,000 reward for Tinkerbell, and posted signs around her neighbourhood. The dog was soon found safe and secure… at Hilton’s home. Sigh.

Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell
Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for another Dream Dogs top 5 list…


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