Top 5 essential items for your new puppy

Once you have committed to a new puppy, the next step is to do some essential shopping for puppy items.

All the items mentioned below can be found in puppy stores, online and supermarkets. Set yourself a budget, make a shopping list and off you go.

There are plenty of products out there for puppies and if you are on a strict budget, you may want to buy some items at a discount, which allows you to splash out the cash on the top 5 essential quality items:

1.    Top of the essential items list is a dog bed. Choose a good quality dog bed, which will stand up to wear and tear with the antics of a mischievous puppy.  Some dog bedding like old blankets may be useful in case of puppy accidents or to help keep the bed clean.

2.    Food and water bowls need to have stability so your puppy will not be able to tip them over. The bowls you choose should be easy to keep clean, non-chewable for larger puppies and the water bowl should be large enough to contain a good supply of fresh water for whist you are out of the house.

3.    A grooming kit such as toothpaste, toothbrush, dog comb, brush and dog shampoo can be purchased at a low cost, but the essential item to start off with is a good dog brush so your puppy can get used to his grooming.

4.    A poop scoop or a packet of doggy bags is certainly essential.  Depending how young your puppy is when you get him, you might want to get puppy mats until he can go out for a walk.

5.     Last but certainly not least once he’s had his injections and is ready for the new wide world, is a new collar and lead for your puppy in a colour of your (or his) choice.

Having a new puppy is an exciting time for all the family, but remember to make sure he gets enough rest.