Top 5 last minute Christmas presents for your dog

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and thanks to the arctic conditions that have gripped the UK in the past week or so, any presents that you have ordered online are probably still in a delivery van stuck in a snowdrift somewhere. If you’re short of presents for a loved one, a trip to the local garage for a bag of charcoal briquettes and twenty Rothmans is an excellent last minute substitute, but what of your pet pooch? Petrol stations aren’t renowned for the wide range of fancy dog collars or dog baskets, so a last minute trip to a high street pet shop may be in order to ensure they don’t feel left out on Christmas morning. Let’s look at the top five last minute presents that you can buy for a dog:

After Dinner Chocolate Mints:

These dog friendly carob and peppermint treats will be just the ticket when your pet settles down at your feet to watch the Bond film after his Christmas dinner.

Christmas Cracker Dog Treat

Make sure your dog doesn’t feel left out when the family are pulling crackers. Instead of having one of those little plastic Poirot ‘taches that clip on to your nose and make your eyes water, these crackers have delicious turkey drumstick treats inside.

dog in christmas hatDoggie Santa Hat

Your pooch can join in the ritual humiliation that is wearing a Christmas hat. The only difference is that he makes it look good…

Rawhide Christmas Card

Regardless of how clever your dog may be, he can’t read, so why not give him a card he’ll appreciate? This Christmas card is made from edible rawhide, but is not suitable for pups under three months old.

Rubber Santa Chew Toy

Witness the disturbing sight of your pooch chewing Santa’s face off with this rubber chew toy. Hey, it’s worth it if it means he doesn’t gnaw on your brand new Star Wars deluxe AT-AT toy with electronic lights and sound and bonus Speeder Bike that you unwrapped that morning.

So there you have it. Don’t despair if your postman has gone the way of Captain Oates – a quick trip to a pet store will make sure your dog can join in the festivities on the big day.