It wasn’t too long ago we reported that Elle Macpherson’s dog signed a modelling contract, taking the Labradoodle Bella to instant stardom, and talked about the world’s richest dogs, so here we take a look at the top 7 world’s most famous dogs.

1 – Obama’s dog Bo – Portuguese water dogportuguese_water_dog_bo
Top of the list at the moment, according to the Telegraph, is Obama’s dog Bo. We reported every step of Bo’s journey from when Bo was returned to his breeder to his welcoming as First Dog Bo. Bo’s addition to the Obama family has rocketed the Portuguese water dog breed to instant fame worldwide.

2 – Tinkerbell Hilton – Chihuahua
Hot on the heels of Bo, Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua is still seen as the first to set the trend for the handbag dog generation. Sales of Chihuahua puppies went through the roof and Chihuahua dog breeders and owners of stud dogs everywhere have been happy ever since. Unfortunately, not all of them get to live in the $325,000 dog kennel that Tinkerbell shares with her fellow dogs at Paris Hilton’s abode in Beverley Hills.

3 – The Queen’s Corgis
The royal dog breed, the Corgi, has been seen accompanying the Queen since the early age of 18 years old when her parents bought the young Princess a corgi bitch called Susan. The Queen hit the headlines earlier this year when it was announced the Queen would give up her Corgi breeding when two of her favourite dogs died from cancer earlier this year.

4 – Bit Bit – Britney Spears Chihuahua
Also feeding the frenzy of wannabe stars running to buy Chihuahua puppies, Bit Bit is the lucky Chihuahua owned by Britney Spears who has been seen feeding her handbag dog from her own plate in top restaurant. Bit Bit may not be the world’s richest dog, but she shot to fame when she accompanied Britney to an MTV event whilst wearing a rather expensive diamond collar.

5 – The dogs of the Osbourne familyosbournes-and-pomeranian
Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne are known to be great dog lovers and have a number of dogs living in their mansion. The dogs featured in the reality TV show The Osbournes, although not always in a nice way. Earlier this year, one of the Osbournes beloved dogs Little Bit, a Pomeranian was killed by a coyote whilst they watched the Michael Jackson memorial.

6 – Buster – Cheryl Cole’s Chihuahua
You can see how celebrities have really paved the way for the trend of handbag dogs, as yet another celeb’s Chihuahua hits the Top 7 World’s Most Famous Dog, this time it is Buster, Cheryl Cole’s companion. The Girls Aloud group have supported Dogs Trust events and are renowned for their love of dogs and were reported to want a Girls Aloud dog crèche on their tour. Buster apparently made Girls Aloud over an hour late for a gig once as he wouldn’t let Cheryl leave the house – talk about separation anxiety! We’d like to see Cheryl Cole tell Simon Cowell that she’ll be late for an X-Factor show because of her dog..

7 – Jack – Mariah Carey’s Jack Russell
Mariah Carey has certainly been in and out of the spotlight and made plenty of comebacks, but the limelight has still managed to catch her dog, the Jack Russell appropriately named.. Jack. This pampered pooch has made appearances in more than a couple of her music videos and even in her movie, Glitter, which sadly for Jack didn’t do too well.

So there you have it – the Top 7 World’s Most Famous Dogs. Of course, the list doesn’t end there. We are a nation, and it would seem a world of dog lovers, and when our beloved celebrities get a dog, millions rush out to get one of the same breed too.

Lest we forget, other famous dogs include Jennifer Aniston’s German shepherd Dolly and Welsh Corgi-terrier Norman, who accompany her to film sets on a regular basis, Desperate Housewives model Eva Longoria-Parker’s Maltese Jinxy, who was actually crowned the most well groomed pet by weekly magazine In Touch and Elton John’s Cocker spaniel Arthur, who was best man – or dog – at the civil partnership of John and David Furnish.

We could go on, but we’d be here all day and night, and our dogs need feeding.


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