Top model reveals she takes solace in dog walking

While best known for appearances on the catwalk, A-List model Georgia May Jagger recently confessed that she finds peace of mind when walking her dogs.

The daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and former model Jerry Hall, Georgia May has enjoyed a successful career following in her mother’s footsteps.

However, she has also inherited Hall’s passion for dogs. In particular, both women share a love of Papillion crossbreeds. Papillon mix dogs are cherished for their outgoing personalities and friendly temperaments. They love to be around and play with people, making them ideal companions. However, they are also quick learners, which makes training quick and easy. Among the oldest dog breeds, the Papillion dates back 700 years and is named after the French word for butterfly for the shape of their ears.

In 2019, the model took to social media to pay tribute after the loss of her family dog, a mixed breed named Guinness. In a recent interview, Jagger commented that when life is stressful, she finds dog walking a peaceful activity.

However, she admitted that her choices of outfits for dog walking are a far cry from her wardrobe on the catwalk. The 31-year-old commented:

“Every dog walking outfit I wear is a fashion mistake: just a jumble of things fresh out of the dryer and some old trainers.”

Jagger currently has had up to five dogs at a time including Puffin, Bluey, Gizmo, Edith and Dr Pepper, some of whom have appeared in official shoots with her.