Top three areas to check on your dog’s hygiene

Dog hygiene is important for your pet as basic hygiene can keep your pet healthy and avoid most little problems developing into anything more serious.

Although it is important to give your dog a regular bath, do not think that a quick splash is enough to maintain your pet. Although your dog will smell nicer and their coat will be shinier, bathtime is a good time to check that your dog is healthy in other ways as it’s a good chance for you to give him a quick once over.

Clean your dog’s ears. There are special solutions to do this, which you may find at the pet shop or the vets. Cleaning dogs’ ears will help get rid of any ear mites that may have developed in your dog’s ears. Your pet may squirm a bit but it can be quick and painless and avoid them picking up any infections later on.

Brushing your dog’s teeth can be tricky but again, it can be essential for the dog’s hygiene and they may even learn to enjoy it! Again, a pet shop or vet’s practice should have toothpaste and toothbrushes especially for dogs.

Lastly, use bath time to check your dog for any fleas or ticks as these can carry diseases. Check though your dog’s fur, around the collar and their underbelly and if you see something suspicious, you can check with your vet as to what is the right treatment to rid your dog’s fur – and your home – of them.