Top tips on how to massage your dog

massage a dogHumans love being massaged; the feeling of relaxation when a massage is carried out is hard to describe but the benefits are enormous.

A dog can receive similar benefits from a massage within the home, when given to him by his owner on a regular basis.

A home massage will see the same benefits in keeping him healthy as would a human being: an increase in blood circulation, reduction in the onset of pain for a senior dog and help to reduce any levels of stress.

Relax and enjoy your time with your dog; it should not be a chore, and a massage can be given to your pet in the evening when you are relaxing.

Top tips:

Allow your dog to settle at the side of your or on the floor whichever is easier, start to gently stroke his body, this will help his skin tissue to become warm.

The head is a sensitive area; gently massage the area with light circular movements, moving to his ears. Each ear should be massaged gently with your fingers – start at the back of the ear and finish at the tip.

A dog’s face, the nose, eyes and back of the head will benefit from a light circular movement of massage, however you may have to stop at times until your pet realises the massage feels good.

Moving down your dog’s body, start at the neck area and slowly move to the chest and shoulders, your dog may be lying down now as he or she relaxes.

The legs and paws of a dog still require a circular motion; do not be tempted to massage them with too much force.

If your dog rolls over, gently massage him up and down his body with light circular movements. You will find as you draw your hands away your dog will indicate with his paw that he wants you to carry on.