Top tips on toilet training a puppy

Most adults who have a family would have thought that they wouldn’t have had to go through a period of potty training again, but when dogs enter the family home, it does become necessary once more. Here are some top tips for toilet training your new baby (oops, I mean your new puppy).

It is important that your new puppy is taught guidelines from the time you bring him home. Use either a litter box, or show him where the back door is every time he has had a meal or you see him bobbing up and down. This will take time and patience on your part, but it is well worth the effort.

Do not smack your puppy or shout at him when he gets it wrong. If he gets it right and then gets it wrong a couple of times, shouting, smacking or rubbing his nose in it will make him even more nervous and cause more ‘accidents’.

Remember, your puppy is in a new home; it is a big change in his young life and he will want to please. Of course there are bound to be times he may not be able to hold himself in, and he’ll make a puddle or two.

Top tips for toilet training a puppy:

  1. Purchase your puppy from a breeder who has already started to teach toilet training
  2. Place him in a dog crate to sleep, however there may be an accident if he is unable to reach is litter tray
  3. Ask another member of the family to watch him when you have other jobs to do, or have to go out
  4. Feed him quality pet food, dry food will keep his bowels in good order
  5. Use a remnant of washable flooring over a carpet until he is fully house trained
  6. Feed your puppy at the same times every day, let him drink his water, then let him out or place him in his litter tray straight away, to establish a routine in your pet’s mind.
  7. Do not feed him too near your bedtime and always allow him out just before you retire for the night

All this training takes time and patience, if your lifestyle means you do not have the time to train a new puppy, then why not consider adopting an adult dog from a rescue centre who is already toilet trained, but needs a loving home?