Top tips to keep your dog warm during a bout of cold weather

cold dogDuring the autumn and winter seasons, sometimes the cold weather comes in suddenly, taking us by surprise.

It is not just humans that feel the cold; animals, including our beloved dogs, feel the cold too, regardless of their fur. However listed below are a few tips on how to keep our canine friends warm as well as some tips on quality dog products.

– If your dog is expected to stay outside in a back yard or garden, he or she will require a dog kennel with a waterproof roof and if possible purchase one with an attached dog run.

– Inside this doggie den, place a few old towels and some toys that do not need washing all of the time to make it cosier, and insulate your pet from the cold ground.

– It is imperative that you do not leave your pet out all day and night in the cold, and bear in mind that a dog kennel with a dog run is not a replacement for his daily exercise.

– Do not forget to make sure there is enough drinking water in his dog bowl; freezing weather can cause the water to ice over, making it difficult for a dog to drink.

– Senior dogs feel the cold weather more acutely; their joints can start to hurt, especially if they have arthritis. If this noticeable then he should be kept indoors.

In the marketplace today, there is a wide range of clothing for dogs that includes sweaters, jackets and the essential water proof coats for the days that it rains. As your dog regulates his temperature through his paws, he can be especially vulnerable to snow and cold, hard ground – you may want to consider a pair of booties to protect him.