Toys for your dog

Dog lovers love to treat their pets as one of the family. Buying gifts for the dog at Christmas, birthdays or just because you love them, none pet-owners can often wonder why the dog needs so many treats! However, dog toys are not just to give pleasure to the owner who wants to treat their beloved pet.

Toys can be essential for many reasons including helping to exercise your pet, stopping their boredom or their anxiety when you leave them alone. Not to mention helping to keep your furniture intact by giving a naughty puppy something to chew and best of all, they can be fun for both you and your dog to play together with.

Choose your dog toys carefully though to avoid buying anything that could pose a hazard to your dog’s health. Keeping your dog toys together in a ‘toy box’ can be a good idea so that when you gather the various items up from around your house, you can inspect the toys to ensure that they are not too worn or too dirty and become a danger to your pet. Dangling string, lots of loose stuffing or small parts coming away from the toy could pose a threat as your dog may choke and excessively dirty toys could carry a risk of infection to the pet or at the very least, be very unpleasant for you and your pet to play with.

A good rule of thumb is if your pet’s toy does not withstand a spin in the washing machine to make it nice and clean, then it may not be sturdy enough for your dog to play with.