Training a naughty puppy

Many people envisage that owning a puppy is going to be bundles of fun for the children, a little ball of cuteness for the whole family to love and, as your puppy grows into a dog, a loyal companion and member of the family.

What you might not expect from a puppy is biting, the destruction of your furniture or any shoes left lying around, the barking or an aggressive personality. A naughty puppy might not be what you signed up for and it can certainly be tempting to just give up. However, there are solutions to a disobedient puppy – they may take time and a lot of patience and effort but there is a way to turn your little nightmare into the pet you had hoped for.

There is no magic solution to a difficult puppy but there are tips that should work for all.

First of all, do not suffer alone and seek out information regarding dog training and classes to assist you. An expert dog trainer will have seen it all before and will be able to help you.

Next, have your dog checked by a vet to ensure that the puppy is healthy and that there are no underlying issues that are causing the difficult behaviour. Keep your patience – this is going to be a marathon not a sprint. Your naughty puppy will not change their behaviour overnight and it can take time for you to build up a good pattern of behaviour.

If you bear these things in mind, you should be on the road to the perfect little pet to enhance your family life.