Training difficult dogs

It can sometimes be hard to stay positive when trying to train your dog, particularly if they have a stubborn or unruly character. Trying to win a battle of wills with this kind of dog can often be disheartening.

Try to stay positive and understand your pet. If a dog misbehaves do not assume that they are trying to dominate or be the leader of the pack and that they need to be punished. Try to resist the urge to punish your dog when they begin to misbehave and try to understand the reason why the dog might be acting up. For instance, if your dog is prone to barking, try to understand why the dog is barking – are they bored or anxious? If bored, then you should try to ensure that they are stimulated more and have more exercise, rather than leaving them alone in your back garden to bark.

Anxiety can often cause your dog to be destructive in your home, especially when left alone for long periods of time. Try to exercise your dog well before leaving them alone in the house and ensure that they have ample toys to chew on and entertain themselves with when left to their own devices.

One final thing to note is that if your dog is usually well behaved but their behaviour suddenly changes, it could be the sign of an underlying health problem. For instance, uncharacteristic aggressive behaviour, pacing, a change in eating habits or whining and whimpering. In this instance, do not hesitate to take your dog to the vet.