Training your puppy on the lead

One of the great joys of owning a dog is taking your pet for a walk. Although it may not be too appealing on cold and wet days, walking your dog is an excellent form of exercise for you and your pet, and a great way to bond with your pet.

Most dogs will respond happily when you get out their collar and lead as they know it is time for walkies but when you first get your puppy, they may not respond initially in this way. Your puppy may be resistant to the dog collar at first as it feels so unnatural to them. Make sure that you get the appropriate sized collar for your puppy and ensure that you check it does not become too tight as he grows.

Similarly, your dog will need to get used to the new dog lead. Allow your pet time to adjust to being on the lead, and do not pull at the collar as it may scare the dog initially. Put the lead on your dog’s collar when they are in the house to let him get used to it, or lead them around the yard before you take them outside your house for their first walk. It is important that your dog does not take you for a walk rather than vice versa. Make sure that you take time to train your dog to respond to a sit and stay command when on the streets so that your dog learns not to pull into the road, for instance.