Trapped Jack Russell reunited with owners

A Jack Russell named Buster was left shocked over a week ago when he fell down a badger hole.

The gruelling experience lasted a week, meaning the canine was left with a lack of food and water for seven days. His owners from Coulsdon in Greater London felt anxiety turn to worry as the days passed and Buster was not found, despite assistance from the fire brigade and local plumbing services.

Ironically, Buster is also known as ‘Badger’, due to the fact that he possesses a characteristic black patch which masks his eye. Despite the many curious glances from passers-by, Buster’s owner Cathy Taylor returned to the badger hole several times to call for her beloved ‘Badger’ but to no avail.

Even after tools for listening and observing the dog were employed, the fire brigade could not locate him. However, some panting was heard, meaning that it was clear that the Jack Russell was alive. Meetings with Warwick Reynolds, a badger protection expert, helped to restore faith as tales were told regarding dogs that have managed to survive up to 40 days down a badger sett.

Cathy Taylor’s daughter Bethany was in her house the following week when she came face-to-face with Buster, who had cleverly navigated himself back to the family home. After a swift phone call to her mother in the Coulsdon College, Cathy sprinted home to be reunited with the pooch. While Buster (or ‘Badger’) may have been in the presence of many sharp-clawed badgers, he remained unharmed by the incident.