Travelling abroad with my dog

If you are looking forward to taking your dog abroad for your annual holiday, it can be a daunting task without any forward planning.

Most airlines do not accommodate dogs on their planes as they consider taking a dog abroad not to be ideal. However, there are airlines that are happy to allow a small puppy or dog to travel in a dog cage under the passenger seat. One of the airlines that does allow a small number of dogs and small pets to travel to a selection of cities is Pet Airways.

A larger breed of dog would have to travel in the cargo area of a plane however.


Booking a hotel prior to your flight for you and your dog is essential. There are some hotels that cater for owners and dogs. Accommodating hotel bedrooms are equipped with special doggie beds, the hotel offers a grooming service as well as doggie day care.

When asking for more information about the amenities, ask about any hidden costs for full board. Sometimes a hotel will ask for a non returnable deposit and a daily pet fee.
Taking your dog on a camping holiday abroad is also popular. It is essential that you confirm that the camp site you have chosen is dog friendly.

Before you travel, take your dog to your local vet for a medical check up and, just in case, purchase some motion sickness tablets.

Last but not least, make sure that your pet insurance is up to date and pack your dog’s passport.


  • I don’t like to see pictures of dogs dressed up like this. Animals should be treated with respect, not as creatures for our amusement.

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