Treat your dog for Valentine’s Day

No matter what event or holiday it is, whether it is Christmas, Halloween or birthdays, dogs never miss out – and why should they, being ‘man’s best friend’? Valentine’s Day is no different.

Pet shops and stores all over the country have been filled with Valentine’s doggie treats for weeks. You can buy a heart-shaped biscuit, a cuddly Cupid dog toy or a pretty blanket with love hearts. As with many holidays, you can even go the whole hog and dress your dog up in a Valentine’s outfit!

Some dog owners really go to town on spoiling their dog and others think it is a waste of time and money, but however you feel, dogs love a little bit of attention – whether it comes with a heart shaped biscuit or just a hug and a walk.

At this time of year, many dog charities ask that dog lovers take a moment to make a donation, however small, to show dogs and other pets alike how much we love them. If your dog hadn’t been lucky enough to have you as an owner, he could be one of those abused or neglected animals that needed a charity to look out for him, so perhaps that is something you would like to do this year.

Whether you are dating, engaged or have been married for forty years, don’t forget the true love of your life this Valentine’s Day and treat your dog to something special!