Treat your puppy to a daily dog grooming session

All puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs should have the best healthcare possible, including regular dog grooming.

A puppy should be groomed daily to establish a routine that involves a dog being handled and, at the same time, helping both owner and pet to form a special bond.

Dog grooming allows a dog owner to get used to their dog’s body and recognise any unusual bumps and lumps that may appear. This is particularly helpful early on in a puppy’s life to detect any health problems. A puppy will start to look forward to this special time and will get excited at the sight of his dog brush and comb.

At first, dog grooming sessions should be kept short, with a light touch over his body. Remember to give praise, and a small treat. Other rewards could be going for a walk, or playing a game with his favourite toy for a few minutes.

puppy grooming

If possible, occasionally use a table for dog grooming sessions as it will make life easier when you take your dog to the vet or dog groomer.

You may find that a puppy will wriggle about, however hold him firmly while talking to him until he stops. Praise him when he is still.

It is important to groom your puppy gently as he has sensitive areas around his face, ears and eyes. Carefully trim a puppy’s hair around his eyes and ears and check his paws to make sure his nails are in good order. Take your puppy to a dog groomer or a vet when his nails require cutting.