Treating your dog for canine cystitis

If you have owned a dog before that suffered with canine cystitis you will recognise if any of the symptoms appear with a new pet.

This infection of the urinary tract which is found in females or bitches can be treated. However, it is important for your dog to receive treatment immediately.

There has always been some general confusion as to whether the bladder stones come first or the bacteria in the walls of the bladder.

There are a few preventive measures you can do to help your dog as listed below:

•    Always have fresh water in a large bowl
•    Remember to let your dog out for a wee on a regular basis
•    Change the dog food to one with no added preservatives
•    Exercise your dog every day
•    Make sure you bathe him or her regularly to avoid infection

There are herbal remedies available on the market such as Uvs Ursi and Barberry, which is a natural treatment for your dog.

When you take your dog to your local vet, the treatment works quickly, the infection disappears and then may come back again.
One thing to remember is to use all the medication your veterinary surgeon has prescribed to ensure the infection has completely disappeared.