Trick your puppy into taking his medicine

A puppy that constantly moves around when you are trying your best to give him or her medicine can be quite tricky. It is essential to keep the experience stress free so the puppy will not learn to hate any form of medication and treatments given by yourself at home.

If you have been prescribed liquid medication by your local vet, ask for a large syringe without the needle. Place the tip of the syringe in the side of the puppies mouth (not the front) and squirt a little of the liquid gently into the mouth area.  Do not attempt to force open the mouth as the medication is more likely to end up all over you instead!

Tablets and capsules are the most popular form of treatment and are easier to manage. Hide the medicine in a piece of food such as a piece of chicken or ham. Just let your puppy eat it.

One idea is to make a tiny sandwich consisting of bread, tablet and meat.  The sandwich can be cut up into small pieces. The first piece can be given to your puppy with no tablet to fool your puppy. The next piece can have the medicine hidden inside and the job is done.

Eyes and ear medication can be trickier. However try a spoonful of peanut butter and scrape a little bit onto your puppy’s nose or the front of his mouth.  As your puppy concentrates  on the peanut butter then gently hold the head and apply the medication.

Caution: if you are using eye medication then be quick and try not to be nervous as your puppy will sense this.

Using ear medication is easier but remember to wipe out the ear before applying the liquid.