Tripping over your dog is one of the most common ways of injuring yourself

huge.36.181529When it comes to injuring ourselves, we British are very inventive at finding new and interesting ways to cause ourselves harm doing activities that really shouldn’t harm a fly. Yet even the most innocuous activity seems to cause us Brits severe injury, are we that brittle?

One of the most common ways of injuring ourselves in the UK, according to a survey held by Mobigel Paineze Spray, is by falling over the family dog. We’re also just as susceptible to walking into glass doors, and pulling muscles without exercising. Incredibly 65% of Britons have pulled a muscle without even attempting any exercise.

A spokesman for Mobigel Paineze Spray added:

It would seem that people don’t just injure themselves when they are on the sports field or working in the garden – simple, everyday activities can also be the cause of muscular pain and discomfort.

The most common activity to cause injury, affecting 53% of Britons, is suffering injury while sleeping. Apparently more than half of the population manage to injure themselves through sleeping in awkward positions.

As of our reputation wasn’t bad enough already, 19% of Britons have injured themselves by walking into lampposts. It’s as if we’re a nation of slapstick lovers. An equal amount of Britons have injured themselves through sneezing!

The full list of the top 20 most unusual ways that Britons have injured themselves is:

1. Sleeping in the same position

2. Missing a step on a staircase

3. Falling off playground equipment

4. Falling out of bed

5. Slipping when stepping out of the shower

6. Walking into a lamp-post

7. Sneezing

8. Dropping a jar of food on toes

9. Working on the computer

10. Falling off a chair

11. Falling over a dog

12. Tripping over toys

13. Lifting a child

14. Walking into a glass door

15. Lifting a suitcase when going on holiday

16. Choking on a cup of tea

17. Sitting down when someone has removed the chair

18. Falling out of a tree

19. Brushing teeth

20. Falling into a pothole