Two dogs get $700,000 left to them in a will

Some dogs are well looked after, some are right royally spoilt, and some… well, some get left almost $1 million in a will and sleep in four poster beds and are waited on hand and foot.

Two dogs named ‘Wags’ and ‘Deefa’ have been left $700,000 in Australia by their owners, meaning they’re now living in the lap of luxury in a five star animal resort in Melbourne.

The two dogs, a terrier and a corgi, are receiving weekly pedicures and massages in the $5,000 per month animal hotel. They laze around in front of the TV and sleep in four poster beds.

Furthermore, when the two dogs eventually pass away and go to the big dog basket in the sky, the money left will revert to the RSPCA and the Lost Dogs Home so that more pooches can be helped.

What of your dog? Have you made any plans to ensure that your pooch is cared for should the worst happen?