Two dogs suffer bee attacks

Two dogs were hospitalised in San Diego after suffering an attack from swarms of bees that swept through their back yard in South Bay.

Carissa Musaraca, owner of the house where the attack took place, had attempted to leave her house on seeing the bees in an attempt to help her dogs but had to return as she was stung many times on her hands and also on her head. Musaraca spoke about the event saying:

“It looked like a tornado of bees,

“They were all over and I couldn’t get to [the dogs] to save them,”

Musaraca’s aunt, Kelly Cunningham, who also witnessed the attack, said:

“The dogs were already covered in bees like a jacket,

“That was the toughest part… when you love your animals and can’t do anything to help them. We were helpless.”

Musaraca’s two dogs were both badly injured, Girl, who was 14-years-old at the time of the attack, was stung over 50 times and Boomer suffered from dozens of stings.

Musaraca spoke about how difficult it still is for her to even begin to imagine what her dogs went through, especially Girl, who had collapsed in pain in the garden when firefighters got to her.

Thankfully, both dogs survived the ordeal; however, sadly, Musaraca had another dog, a Dalmatian mix who did not survive the attacks.

A private extermination company had to be called in to remove the bees and their hive and the family had to wait for 24 hours before it was safe to go back into their home and their back garden.