Two overweight dogs will compete in PDSA’s Pet Fit Club competition

Bailey and Billy are two regular dogs who enjoy long walks and delicious treats. However, due to the canines being accepted to compete in a new competition, they will soon be saying goodbye to extra portions of food. Six-year-old Cocker spaniel, Billy, and six-year-old Border Collie, Bailey, will be side-by-side in a new fitness programme that sees them contest for the winning title at the PDSA’s Pet Fit Club Competition.

The competition aims to help overweight pet animals drop the pounds, while gaining mounds of energy that could potentially prolong their life. The Pet Fit Club Competition will see two rabbits, five cats and eleven dogs battling head-to-head. The winner will be the animal to lose the most weight and Bailey and Billy are looking hopeful.

Despite predictions that Bailey will perform well in the competition, things could become tricky. This pooch has a sweet tooth and it was Wishaw based Duncan Connor, his owner, who entered him into the Pet Fit Club competition. Billy on the other hand was nominated by his Airdrie based owners, George and Jane Hunter. It is obvious why Billy is struggling with his weight as Mrs Hunter stated:

“He used to beg from the dinner table and it was difficult not to give in to those huge soppy eyes.”

With Billy being 34% overweight and Bailey being a staggering 80% overweight, there is much work to be done. However, veterinary staff in Glasgow will be gathering every pet candidate together in a bid to ensure each animal loses weight and leaves feeling happy. The winning animal will be announced in September. They will be rewarded with a stay at the Perthshire Hotel, worth £500.