Ugliest dog in UK seeks home

With the sort of face only a mother could love, Hubble has been rather harshly branded the UK’s ugliest dog. He was abandoned recently by his owners, who presumably didn’t want him anymore due to his disfigured features, and tied him up in the woods. Hubble has part of his mouth and his nose missing from a birth defect, and now the staff at the Dog’s Trust in Leeds are hoping that someone can see beyond Hubble’s lack of aesthetic features and give him a home.

Amanda Sands, the manager of Leeds Dog’s Trust, stated:

Hubble is one of the strangest looking dogs I’ve ever seen but he makes up for it in personality.

He’s very loyal and just loves human company so he would make a brilliant best friend for that special person who can see past what he looks like.

Hubble was discovered just a few metres from the Dog’s Trust in Leeds a few weeks ago, and was taken to the city pound. As no one came to claim Hubble, he wound up in the Dog’s Trust to be rehomed.

It’s a shame but ordinarily we would expect him to stay here for quite some time.

People do tend to come and pick the cuter dogs. The others – our “sticky dogs” – can be here for months.

Hubble is definitely a bit unusual but he’s a very sweet dog. It would be a shame if someone missed out on him because of what he looks like. He’s a great little dog.

The Leeds Dog’s Trust are now hoping that someone will give Hubble a home, and say that he would be suited to a home with either no children, or older children. Hubble needs to be the centre of attention in his new home.

The credit crunch has spelt bad news for dogs in the UK of late, with many families looking to abandon their dogs, instead of taking on new dogs from rescue homes.

We have about 100 dogs in at the moment, but if we had the room that would be hundreds. We have a waiting list full of people who tell us they want us to take in their dog.

In the past couple of weeks we have had three dogs who have come in almost collapsed with starvation and others who have not been having veterinary treatment.

We know times are tough for people, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot to keep a dog and the Dogs Trust can always offer advice.

If you think you can give Hubble a good home, you can call Leeds Dog’s Trust on 0113 281 4920.


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