UK man banned from walking his dog

A man from Devon has been banned from throwing balls for his dog to chase, and taking his dog for a walk, after neighbours complained to the police. The man, 48 year old Sean Gallogly from Newton, has been given an ASBO for his behaviour with his dog.

His neighbours complained that they felt like prisoners due to Mr Gallogly’s actions, where he would throw a tennis ball in their direction for his dog to chase after it.

Sean Gallogly was also banned from lighting fires and using threatening language and behaviour. Mr Gallogly can now only play with his dog in the confines of his garden, and isn’t allowed to take the dog for walks around the neighbourhood.

David Campbell, prosecuting for the police, commented:

“We ask that Mr Gallogly is prohibited from doing something that he should not be doing.”

Mr Campbell, speaking to Mr Gallogly, added:

“You have members of the public who sit in their homes at night feeling like prisoners.

We ask that when Sean Gallogly goes home, or lives in Prospect Terrace, he does so without causing harassment, alarm or distress so Prospect Terrace can be a place for prospect rather than a past.”

When something doesn’t happen, they are wondering when it is going to kick off.

Mr Gallogly’s dog will now have to make do without any ‘walkies’.