UK population of rare Komondor dog is boosted by 25%

A record litter for a rare dog has seen the UK population of the Komondor dog boosted by 25%. A usual litter of pups for the dog is just four, but new mother Kyra had a litter of nine puppies recently, taking the UK population of Komondor dogs from just forty, to forty-nine.

The scarcity of the dogs means that they are also very valuable, as each puppy is expected to sell for £1,000 a piece. The dogs have a unique appearance, as the Komondor dog features natural ‘dreadlocks’, making them the world’s hairiest dog.

As each puppy is identical they’ve been daubed with colours so they can be identified, and they’ve also been temporarily named after their colours, such as ‘Brown’ and ‘Pink’.

Their Cornwall based owners were stunned when nine puppies emerged from Kyra. Debi Young, from Newquay, stated:

We were amazed when she produced a litter of nine – a typical litter is around four. I’ve never heard of such a high number. Komondors are fantastic animals – very loyal and sociable. They are quite a handful though.

They’re all doing well though and are an adorable little rabble. Looking after them is a full-time job at the moment. I think the dogs are so rare because they are very hard to breed, and are also quite a lot of work.

You have to maintain their coats, which grow as a mass of matted dreadlocks. I think generally people are often put off by all the effort.

The Komondor dog hails from Hungary and was originally bred as a sheep dog, protecting sheep from wolves and bears. They were bred with an especially thick coat to protect them from bites.

The family plans to sell eight of the puppies, and keep one. The stud dog father for Kyra’s puppies lives in Manchester, and must be a proud stud father after siring the record litter.


  • hi, we have been looking for some years for a breeder in the uk. i am originally from debrecen hungary and grew up aroung these wonderfull dogs, i have wanted to own one of these amazing animals for as long as i can remember. would you be able to help in the location of a breeder in the uk as it seems to be a very shrouded community. i do have the option of importing from home, but would much prefer to have it as a puppy rather than 9 months old.
    congratulations on your wonderfull litter, do you have any puppies left or will you be breeding anytime in the future?
    kindest reagrds
    zsuzsanna lanigan-fazekas

  • Hi…These puppies are now 12mths old and they were born in Cornwall,I am the proud owner of one of them. Unfortunately not many are bred, although 3 litters were born last year, there probably won`t be another litter born for a couple of years. Have you joined the Komondor Club of Great Britain? We`re not really a shrouded community you just have to know where to find us ; )

  • As I know it`s not healthy to drop your momdog every year cos it`s make powerless puppies! And very bad to the mother too. It can couses your puppies colors, cos the komondor hair is ONLY white or bone-white and they have a gray skin color. Every other color is shut out from breeding in the origin country.

  • Hi, looking to purchase two komondors as working/ family dogs. Can anyone recomend a breeder please? would prefer in the uk but would consider importing. Any help or advise would be most welcome,

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