Understanding why your dog wags his tail

Dog owners think that dog that is wagging his tail is happy to see them.  This is mostly correct but it is not always the case. A dog’s tail wagging can show you they are happy but it can hide the fact they are feeling upset or nervous.

Tail wagging for a dog starts from when they are born and they cannot get near to their mothers milk.  They start wagging their tail with anxiety while feeding due to one of his brothers or sisters also feeding near him at the same time.

Wagging tail fact number one is that if a dog sees his master, he is happy but because he is submissive to his master he will still be careful not to upset him.

Wagging tail fact number two is that if a stranger approaches he may seem excited to see him, but he is nervous because he does not know him.

If you find your dog wags his tail more at one person in your family it may be because he or she always picks up his favourite toy.

When your dog has obeyed a command he knows that he will receive praise and a treat.

Watch for your dog wagging his tail and learn more about him.