Upside-down Dogs

If you’re a veritable connoisseur of funny dog photos (and which self respecting animal lover isn’t?) you’ll love the new dog website that features funny photos of dogs, in an inverted manner. The website, Upside Down Dogs, features photos of dogs upturned, or upside-down, or lying on their back (however you want to describe it) all in the name of art.

Twenty-four-year-old web developer Graham Blache came up with the idea after he photographed his English bulldog (named Wallace) lying on his back.

As an English bulldog he is blessed with excessive jowls and we always found his droopiness quite hil- arious when inverted.

I had some great upside-down shots of him sitting around and one day the idea popped into my head on a whim.

The site launched on October 14 about 20 minutes after I came up with the idea.

Websites that offer photos of dogs are very common, as the ‘funny dog photo arena’ is highly competitive, but Graham’s website has done very well since it launched with over 500,000 visits already.

I have received hundreds of pictures so far and most of them are hilarious. It’s great because it’s pretty easy to take your own and dog owners love to photograph their pets.

If you’re thinking of adding a photo your dog, Graham has a formula for the perfect dog breed to make an ‘upside-down dog’ photo.

Any drooped-faced upside-down dog with excess face meat.

It seems that droopy and traditionally “ugly” dogs tend to make the best upside-down dogs.

They say people tend to look like their dogs so maybe I shouldn’t be so vocal about this as I think my dog makes a great upside-down dog.