US family pay $155,000 for a clone of their dog

Every dog lover gets upset when their dog dies, but sadly there’s little we can do about it; it’s one of those inevitable facts of life. However, one family in Florida, in the USA, managed to find a way round the problem of the death of their beloved family dog, Sir Lancelot, a golden Labrador.

Sir Lancelot died in 2008, and the family froze his DNA with a view to having him cloned. The dog’s owner, Nina Otto, explains:

The only sad thing about dogs is that they have such a short life, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could live your life with the same dog.

Nina and her husband bid in an auction from a biotech cloning firm, who were offering the cloning of a dog to the highest bidder. The family have now picked up their cloned dog, named Lancelot Encore, a three month old Labrador puppy, at Miami International Airport.

The cloned puppy cost the family a whopping $155,000, but is worth it for his owners as he is a perfect clone of the original Sir Lancelot.


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