US soldier rescues Iraqi dog and takes him back to America

The decision for the United States to enter Iraq might have been a controversial one, but for a stray dog named Ratchet, it’s proved a good one. Ratchet was befriended by a US soldier, Sergeant Gwen Beberg, and she wanted to bring the dog back to the United States. However the dog’s passage seemed in doubt until an online petition this week worked in Ratchet’s favour.

Together with powerful friends in Capital Hill, the petition has allowed Ratchet to ship out with his new owner, Sergeant Gwen Beberg, this weekend to travel to his new home of Minneapolis.

Sergeant Beberg is delighted that she’ll be able to take Ratchet back to the USA, after she saved him earlier this year from a fire. She wrote an email to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who aided her in her quest to bring Ratchet to the US, stating:

“I am thrilled that Ratchet is going home!”

The petition to allow Ratchet in to the US managed to garner 50,000 signatures and even won the support of two US Senators. The US Department of Defence prohibits US soldiers from bringing stray dogs back to America, but they have relaxed those rules in the past.

The US military has refused to transport Ratchet to the airport because they consider the move an unnecessary risk to the lives of their soldiers, however ‘Baghdad Pups’, a pet rescue charity, will attempt to take Ratchet to his flight this weekend.

Baghdad Pups says they’ve so far managed to rescue 50 dogs from Iraq and bring them back to the United States.