Use Aromatherapy essential oils to help your dog

It is nothing unusual for adults to use a selection of aromatherapy oils as a healing treatment for mind and body. Now you can use aromatherapy essential oils to heal your pet dog.

‘Aromatherapy’ is all about scents and smells. A dog will receive an aroma or scent from an essential oil which can help to heal them.

Dogs have a keener sense of smell than ourselves and can take more from the scents than adult humans.

Many adult products bought over the counter have diluted essential oils in their ingredients.

Aromatherapy oils which have been specially formulated in dog shampoos, or sprayed onto dog collars can work wonders for your pet.

Adding a couple of drops of aromatherapy essential oil in your dog’s warm bath is an ideal way to treat your dog.

This healing therapy is a way of looking after your dog and can be cost effective. Your dog will benefit from the natural oils and they will not usually cause any irritation.

Spraying soothing and calming aromatherapy oil such as lavender on dog beds or dog bedding in a dog crates can help them to sleep.

If you have a young dog that is too energetic or has a nervous disposition why not try a soothing essential oil in his bath.

A senior dog who has received an aromatherapy treatment can find new energy levels to help him look forward to his walks.

If you are nervous of choosing an essential oil you can have the essential oils mixed by a qualified aromatherapist.


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