Use your iPhone to train your dog

dog-training-iphoneappA new application for the iPhone claims it can help dog owners to train their dog.

This iPhone app was designed in the UK and is already available worldwide. The ‘Dog Remote’ promises to help train all types of dog breeds to follow six popular commands, such as ‘lie down’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’ and offer other useful dog training hints.

The Dog Remote uses ‘dog-friendly sounds’ that are inaudible to the human ear. The user adjusts the frequency settings on the dog remote for dog training so it corresponds to the dog’s sensitive hearing levels.

The Dog Remote developers commented:

“With Dog Remote, your pup will learn to respond correctly to different sound patterns that mean; sit, stay, come here, lie down, fetch and go to bed. Dog Remote’s comprehensive iPhone training-guide takes you through the easy steps that will teach your dog to respond firstly to your verbal and hand signals, then to transfer these skills to respond to the iPhone app”.

Whether or not this works remains to be seen. Has anybody tried this, does it work?

The iPhone application ‘Dog Remote’ is now available through the Apple iTunes store at 59 pence.