Using a stud dog directory

A stud directory serves two purposes, firstly to allow a dog breeder to select the most appropriate stud dog for their breeding bitch and secondly to allow a stud dog owner to advertise the services of their dog.

Assuming you have already considered all the expense of letting your dog have puppies and all the other things you should know before you breed and have decided that it is the right thing for you to do, then your first task will be to find a stud dog.

Finding the right stud dog is often no easy task.  You want a good specimen for your dog breed, who will mate well with your dog and produce a litter of puppies that represent the breed well.  To do this, you must know your dog breed and understand things like whether the bite of the dog is correct, whether the stud dog has passed any appropriate or relevant health tests for your breed and generally be able to ascertain for yourself that the stud dog is right.

Many owners of show dogs will select a stud dog through the dog shows, perhaps one that has won awards.  For the average person, the price of a show stud dog can be expensive.  Using a stud dog directory, you can find pet dogs used as stud dogs that are still fine examples or perhaps even have champions in their lineage.

With the advent of the Internet, stud dog directories have made the whole process of matching a stud dog to a bitch far easier and cheaper for both parties.  Always check the owner of the stud dog can prove ownership and has full paperwork to back up any claims.