Using aromatherapy oils for your puppy

Aromatherapy oils are a well known healing treatment for humans. However, more and more veterinary practitioners are turning to other treatments as an alternative to prescribed medication for dogs.

A puppy has a keen sense of smell right from the time he is born and puppies can benefit from the aromas of aromatherapy oils.

It is important to remember that your home is a strange place for your puppy until he gets used to everything and everyone.

If your puppy is nervous or shows signs of being sensitive when he is brought home there are a variety of essential oils which can help.

If you feel your puppy falls into this category. Try giving him a bath with a few drops of lavender oil added to the water to calm him down.

Choose a puppy shampoo which has an essential oil as one of the ingredients. Check the label before buying.

Lavender mixed with water, sprayed in the room where he sleeps, is another way to start a new sleep pattern.


If your puppy is not eating and has no appetite then choose an essential oil which will boost his appetite again.

If your puppy is ill take the advice of a dog therapist.

Keep your essential oils in a cupboard for future use as they keep well if stored somewhere dark.