Vaccinations and your puppy

When you meet your puppy, he or she should have been taking milk from his mother and this will give him a head start in protecting him from disease.

When he leaves the litter, his own immune system must take charge of protecting him. The immune system makes anti-bodies to protect him and he requires vaccinations to help this process so it is important not to delay your puppy’s vaccinations or you increase the chances of your puppy becoming sick.

Vaccinations work by giving your puppy a light dose of an infection (don’t worry the infection is dead).

There are two kinds of vaccines, one is a live vaccine and the other is dead. The live one stimulates the body but can cause disease and the other one is as mentioned previously.

The antibodies in your puppy will be stimulated into action in defending your puppy for about a year.

Every twelve months, you will need to make sure your puppy has his ‘booster’ injection to keep him in good health.  If you are worried ask your veterinary surgeon for more information.


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