Wanted for dog cruelty: have you seen this man?

cruel_dog_treatmentCaught on camera, this cruel dog owner literally throws his dog out into the sea and then hauls him back out by the scruff of his neck.

This shocking dog treatment was caught on camera on the seafront in Hove, East Sussex, by a passer-by, who saw the poor dog being swung out by his legs.

cruel_dog_treatment2Following a 999 call, police arrived on the scene but the man had already fled in a silver Peugeot.  The owner also had another dog with him.

The pictures were taken around 2.15 pm last Saturday, 16th May and the RSPCA are appealing to anyone who might recognise this man.

Police Sgt Chris Lane said:

“We received a report from a member of the public that two dogs were being mistreated.  Two police cars were sent to the scene, but unfortunately the suspect had gone when they arrived.”

An RSPCA spokesman said:

“This man may consider it a game and think that his dogs enjoy it. But it looks like he is being far too rough. We need to speak to him to clarify the situation.”

Do you recognise this man and his dog?  The Mirror featured these photos earlier this week and are asking anyone who recognises him to telephone 0207 293 3831 or email mirrornews@mirror.co.uk so the RSPCA can clear the matter up.


  • This is shocking treatment. Surely if the dogs were enjoying it they’d be jumping into the sea themselves. I hope he gets caught and given a jail sentence, not just a fine and slap on the wrist.

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