Weight management and your dog

fat dog

Most dog owners are not aware that statistics show that 50% of dogs are overweight and as a result are in danger of losing their life earlier than necessary.

Puppies are no exception to the rule as many owners are easily swayed to give a puppy some of their food at mealtimes. Look away from those appealing eyes or place your puppy in a dog cage or dog bed. An overweight puppy usually grows up to become an even larger overweight adult dog.

If as an adult, a dog has little exercise and eats too much food then he is likely to suffer from arthritis, diabetes and in some cases bladder cancer – if not now then in his later years.

If you are reading this and wondering whether your pet is overweight then this simple process should put your mind at ease.

Place your hands down the side of your dog’s body and gently search for his ribs. If you are unable to find any outline of his ribs at all your pet is overweight.

Taking the time to visit your local vet, having your pet weighed and deciding on a dog diet is well worth the effort.
A balanced diet for a puppy or an adult dog should consist of protein, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals.

Note: Salt is an ingredient to watch out for as too much salt in a dog’s diet is not good.


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