Weight Watchers for dogs

weight watchers for dogsSlimming classes for humans are not considered to be an unusual occurrence. One piece of advice given at local weight watchers meetings is to take regular exercise, and one good healthy exercise you can do is taking a dog for a walk.

Walking your dog can stop your pet from being overweight, or if your dog has already lost his waistline it will help him find it again. If you are unsure of the correct weight that your dog should be for his age and breed, contacting your vet is the best option available to you.

Good dog nutrition for a healthy lifestyle is as important for a dog as it is for humans. A nutritional pet diet is easily achieved and your vet will be able to give advice on quality ingredients and the essential vitamins and minerals that is needed to obtain good dog health.

Most vets will allow dogs to visit their surgery for a two weekly weigh in, free of charge.

Just like humans, your dog is an individual and one brand of dog food may not be as tempting for your dog as another brand. Dog food manufacturers have, by law, to list their ingredients on the side of their cans or packaging.

The main source of food is at the top of the list, with the actual content. Meat or fish are usually the main protein ingredients, followed by details of carbohydrates, fats, and essential amino acids.

Dogs are carnivores, so take care to feed your dog with pet food that contains quality meat products.