Weimaraner dog makes astounding recovery following cliff fall

When Simon Spore from London received a phone call stating that his pet dog, Norman, had fallen over a cliff edge, he had not anticipated the seriousness of the injuries.

Josh, who is the 19-year-old son of Mr Spore’s fiancée, Jane, made the phone call while the couple were doing a spot of shopping in the Canterbury area. The shock of the news meant that the one-year-old Weimaraner dog had to be taken to a nearby vet.

A fractured pelvis and a punctured lung were just two of the injuries Norman sustained following a 250ft fall over the well-known White Cliffs of Dover. The tragedy occurred as a result of Norman’s mischievousness, due to him running after a rabbit in the location. Although vets were startled at the state of Norman when he was brought into the practice with a pale complexion and difficult breathing, he is now recovering remarkably well.

Speaking of the ordeal, Norman’s owner Simon Spore said:

“I was distraught and thought I was going back to retrieve a dead dog.”

However, Simon’s fears melted away when Chris Reichmann and his fellow team of vets managed to re-inflate Norman’s lungs. Now, Norman’s cuts and bruises have healed and he is slowly returning to his old playful self. To prevent these accidents from arising in the future, Mr. Spore has now pleaded for increased amounts of warning signs in hazardous cliff-top areas, so that owners of pets can refrain from taking them off a lead when it is unsafe.


  • The above story is about Norman our forever loved Weimaraner who sadly passed away nearly 2 yrs ago and even now I see his story appearing on the internet x bless him
    We moved from dover uk to greece and he loved it here but sadly passed away with cancer xxx we miss him so much xxx

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