What food to buy for your puppy

Milk supplies a high amount of protein which is essential to enable your puppy to grow. Vitamin D is provided in milk and this vitamin helps your puppy’s bones form and to be strong.

Start giving your puppy a tablespoonful of biscuits soaked in some water and make sure there is puppy milk available to top up the meal.

Meat and small biscuits are given to a puppy little by little until they are happy to have the milk as a drink.


Do not use adult biscuits for a puppy.

Your puppy will be greedy, so mind you do not overfeed.

At the age of seven weeks, four small meals will be better for your puppy rather than three large ones.

Change the meals to three on a daily basis at twelve weeks until he or she is six months old and then change to two meals.

Depending on the size of your breed the potion of the food can vary. However you may have to change your biscuits until your puppy is happy. If your puppy does not eat the food then you need to take your dog to a veterinary surgeon.

Tip: ‘Over the counter’ puppy milk products are available and the new routine will have been started by the owner of the bitch and the puppies before you purchase your puppy. The puppy seller should provide a healthy eating sheet of food guidelines for you when you come to buy a puppy.