What happens when your puppy is teething?

When you bring your puppy home he will have a full set of very sharp teeth. If you place the tip of your finger in his mouth you will find out for yourself

When he is twelve weeks old he will lose some of his baby teeth and his new adult teeth will start to push their way through.

Sometimes with small puppies the small teeth are pushed out by the adult teeth.

The first teeth to emerge are the two front teeth on the top of the jaw. The last teeth to come through are the corner ones known as ‘canine teeth’.

It is imperative you keep the teeth in good order and give your puppy plenty of toys and dental chews as he will chew everything in sight.

This means you will have to hide everything, including your slippers, as he will not know what he is not allowed to chew them.

There are over the counter products to keep his teeth clean, including a toothbrush and toothpaste.

One of the main areas you may have a concern about as your puppy grows is keeping his teeth in good order. Take your puppy for a regular check with your local veterinary surgeon.


Owners of small puppies should check with their vets the puppy’s new teeth are not spoiling the shape of their mouth.