What is the correct dog lead for your pet?

When you purchase a new puppy, or adopt an adult dog, you will need to have a dog lead and a dog collar that is considered suitable for the size of your pet.

Walking into a pet shop and seeing the wide range of dog leads available can make choosing a dog lead a complicated and bewildering experience. You can choose from dog leads in nylon, plastic or even leather, all in different colours; some have patterns while others are just plain.

A dog owner who has more than one dog is catered for with a double dog lead, which is a great idea to keep pets under control while out for a walk.

There are also the longer dog leads that allow your dog to feel free, until you ‘roll him’ back to you at a touch of a switch, that is of course until the switch decides to get stuck and you have to reign your pet in yourself. However, these leashes allow more flexibility for dogs and their owners while out on a leisurely walk.

The old fashioned dog collar and dog lead is still the best way to train a puppy or dog to obey commands, and they are cost effective and reliable. Nylon leashes are manufactured and sold in stores and online in different lengths; great for a new puppy and a larger breed of dog.

Dog leads are an important tool for a new puppy; when used correctly but firmly they show who is boss, however do not hurt your pet by yanking the lead as this can result in a damaged neck.