Buying a dog or puppy can be a major decision for most people and there are several things which must be considered beforehand.

One of the most important issues which should be looked at is whether the potential dog or puppy owner has sufficient time to dedicate to looking after the animal. It is essential that anyone looking to buy a puppy has the time to exercise, feed and groom it properly as well as time to invest in dog training.

Another factor which should be thought about is what type of dog or puppy should be purchased. Larger dogs usually require much more exercise than smaller animals and are often more expensive to feed and care for.

buying-a-puppyDog grooming must also be weighed up, with dogs with longer hair often needing specialised grooming and many require daily brushing and tidying up; smooth and short haired dogs require less dog grooming and coat care.

The disposition of particular breeds of puppy or dog must also be studied. For instance, golden retrievers are renowned for being friendly and good with children whereas dogs such as afghan hounds are more self-sufficient and less outgoing.

It is also important to consider the costs of raising a puppy as, often, it can become very expensive. Health care, dog grooming and other essential products such as a dog collar and a dog basket can be costly. Dog insurance may often be necessary and, again, this is another monthly outlay which must be factored into the household budget.