What to do if you lose your dog

Losing your dog can be a frightful experience, and whether you have dog insurance or some sort of policy where you can notify people, there are still a few things you can do straight away to increase your chances of finding your dog.

First of all, stay in the same place or if you have to leave, then be sure to leave a piece of clothing or something with your scent on.

Avoid shouting your dog’s name in an anxious tone.  Dogs recognise the tone of your voice so call him as you would normally.

Organise a search in a triangular coverage of the area because dogs tend to wander round when they are lost and change direction from A to B.

If you have a car, keep its motor running because dogs can actually recognise the sound of a car engine they know.  How many times has your dog known it was you when your car pulls up even some distance from the house?

Alert the local dog wardens, vets, dog walkers, nearby rescue centres and the police.  A dog is seen by the police as lost property.  Also go online and notify fellow dog owners through online organisations.

Print posters and plaster them everywhere within the area.  Offer a specific reward for your dog’s safe return – many dog insurance policies will help with posters and offer a reward.  Put posters at places like garages, ice cream vans, near cash machines and in pubs.  Low-end pubs are generally where dogs are traded.

Dogs are rarely taken further than 30 miles from where they went missing and have been known to be returned after months or even one to two years, so don’t give up hope.

If you do think you see your dog wandering, avoid running at him – especially if he’s been missing a while, he may be easily frightened.