What to do when your dog has a dry nose

dog with a dry noseThere is an old wives’ tale that says if a dog’s nose is dry then the dog must be feeling off colour and is in need of veterinary attention.

This tale is simply untrue; dogs that have a dry nose can be in good health and full of energy. A dog’s nose will be wet or dry according to different conditions.

Symptoms of a dog that is not well:

When you check your pet’s nose, if he has a discharge running from his nasal passages and it yellow, green or black in colour then you need to take him to his local veterinary surgeon for a check-up.

It is important at this time to mention that a dog whose nose is showing signs of dry cracked skin tissue may have a skin disorder, but don’t worry as this is easily treatable by a vet

However, a dog that enjoys the feel of the sun on his body and loves to find a sunny spot in the garden may suddenly become too warm. Certain breeds of dogs which have a natural ‘pink’ nose need to be kept in the shade as much as possible.

Hot weather and a dog with a dry nose that is beginning to show signs of flaky skin tissue will require a covering of suntan lotion.

It is important to talk to your vet about the sort of suntan lotion that he needs to stop the onset of skin cancer.

A dog is just as likely to get skin cancer as a human being.